About Harbor Management

Harbor Management of South Florida was founded by John and Jennifer Tracy, a husband and wife team who shared a passion to bring professional and personal property management back to South Florida. They each had witnessed the change in the industry and noticed the decline in the services being provided. By combining their experience, broad skill sets and shared passion they knew they could bring back the level of professionalism and service we all want from a property manager.

Our policy is to only take on properties we know we can properly manage, not overload our managers, charge a fair price, and deliver outstanding customer service. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to reach your manager or get the information or service you need in a timely manner. One of our most important policies is return all calls and emails before we leave at night. We want to make sure our homeowners know we are available and working hard for them.

Harbor Management is local and in your community. We live, work and hire local, so you are working with a company who is accessible and truly cares about you and your community.

Meet The Team

Jennifer Tracy, CLM, LCAM


Pam Adams, LCAM

Regional Director

Isaid Tinoco Jaimes

Maintenance Supervisor

Leonardo Rojas

Maintenance Technician

Julio Rivera

Maintenance Technician

Luis Garcia

Maintenance Technician

Bridgette Davey, LCAM

Property Manager

Debbie Erez

Administrative Director

Savannah Decker

Administrative Assistant

Agatha Jenney

Property Manager

Laura Letellier

Administrative Assistant

Taylor Branham

Administrative Assistant

Steve Russell, LCAM, CMCA, FL RE, FL Notary

Property Manager